For a Relaxed & Happy Stay

Alameda Kennels & Cattery is really a 5-star motel for dogs providing both Indoor Rooms and Sheltered Outdoor Rooms where the dogs are looked after by a large team of carers. Blankets are provided in all units, however you can bring your pet’s own bedding and toys. Each dog is fed twice a day and let out numerous times during the day into a spacious, outdoor play area for exercise.

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Dog Kennels Amenities and Services
  • Indoor and fully sheltered outdoor kennels available.
  • Dogs have access to the play area numerous times during the day.
  • Doggy day care available at $15 per day.
  • Blankets provided in all units but you can also bring your pets own bedding and toys.
  • Grooming on site available.
  • All Alameda dogs eat off silverware.
Charges (per day)

Indoor Kennels:

  • Small dog (toy breed) $22
  • Medium dog $24
  • Large dog $29
  • 2 small dogs sharing $34
  • 2 medium dogs sharing $38
  • 2 large dogs sharing $44
  • Doggy Day Care $15

Fully Sheltered Outdoor Kennels:

  • Medium dog $21
  • Large dog $24
  • 2 medium dogs sharing $34
  • 2 large dogs sharing $36

All pets will be charged an additional $5 per pet on public holidays.