• One cat $14 per day
  • Two cats together $24 per day

Indoor Kennels

  • Small dog (toy breed) $22
  • Medium dog $24
  • Large dog $29
  • 2 small dogs sharing $34
  • 2 medium dogs sharing $38
  • 2 large dogs sharing $44
  • Doggy Day Care $15

Fully Sheltered Outdoor Kennels

  • Medium dog $21
  • Large dog $24
  • 2 medium dogs sharing $34
  • 2 large dogs sharing $36

All pets will be charged an additional $5 per pet on public holidays.

Christchurch's Best Priced Pet Accommodation

Terms & Conditions

Pets need to be fully vaccinated and have their vaccination record with them when they arrive for boarding.

If a pet becomes unwell the owners will be notified and asked for permission to call the mobile vet. If the owners cannot be contacted it is up to the discretion of the staff to call the vet and send a message to the owners advising of the outcome.

Pricing applies from the first day your pet arrives. If they are collected in the morning there is no charge for that day. An afternoon pick up is counted as another day.

We cater to fussy appetites and you are welcome to bring toys and bedding for your pet.