For a Safe & Fun Place to Stay

When you enter the cattery area you are overwhelmed with a sense of peace and tranquility. The calming colours along with the gentle music playing, turns the large area into a motel for cats. Each spacious enclosure has a chair with a cosy blanket and a separate sleeping area, which is positioned higher up for a good view. In their sleeping box is an electric blanket which is turned on 24 hours to keep them warm in the winter. The area is so relaxing that they just want to stay. Your loving cat could not find a better place for comfy accommodation in Christchurch. Call now, to experience this cat motel.

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Experience the calm atmosphere and see how contented our guests are in their plush surroundings.

Cattery Amenities and Services
  • Large units with a lovely garden outlook.
  • Each unit has its own full size chair with cosy blankets and a separate sleeping area with electric blanket turned on 24 hours in winter.
  • Day boarding available.
  • Large range of food available to cater for fussy appetites.
Charges (per day)
  • One cat $18 per day
  • Two cats together $30 per day
Charges apply from the first day your pet arrives. If they are collected in the morning there is no charge for that day. An afternoon pick up is counted as another day.
All pets will be charged an additional $7 per pet on public holidays, the $7 surcharge is also charged for morning pick ups on public holidays.

Accepted payment methods:
Cash or EFTPOS only.
Credit cards payments not accepted.